About: W&P Design

Since 2012, W&P Design have been dreaming up fresh and exciting ways to shake up the world of food and beverage with unique designs that are not only eye-catching and contemporary but a treat to use. By rethinking the role of everyday objects, W&P have various sub-brands dedicated to different types of culinary accessories that are diverse in their function and make creating and consuming food and drink even more enjoyable.


Porter's range of reusable lunch bowls and cups in ceramic, plastic and glass, make on-the-go meals something to really look forward to. With a range of pastels and solid hues, these containers are designed with comfortable, soft edges that are a pleasure to hold and use, all while reducing single-use plastic. Add a Porter container to your day and every lunch break will feel special.

Make a conscious decision to have a healthier lunch that also helps those in need. Porter donates a portion of sales for every Porter bowl and Lunch! cookbook to the Edible Schoolyard NYC - an organisation that supports a future in which children all have access to whole foods and the skills to prepare meals for themselves. The Edible Schoolyard NYC supports education in food prep and gardening skills to public schools in New York City, in an effort to cultivate healthy students and communities. Learn more about Edible Schools NYC here

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Peak ice trays take ice to a new level. With a wide range of ice trays made from silicone and steel, these trays can be used for various purposes in the freezer and oven. From everyday ice cubes, to spheres, crushed ice, and slender pillars made for your drink bottle, these trays will prove worthy for creativity in the kitchen.

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Dovetail offers a fresh range of cookbooks ranging from healthy and quick meals, desserts, and creative beverage ideas. The publications are often paired with physical products that are available through the other brands, Peak and Porter, in order to deliver a more rounded process of creative culinary preparation, engaging readers beyond the page.

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